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I did not get my License Key

The most common cause is a SPAM filter. Please check your junk mail folder. All Licenses are released within minutes of payment.

QuickMove did not move my files automatically.

QuickMove is primarily actioned by the user through the context menu to speed up file movement although you can use the Automation Plugin to automate the process if you prefer.

Can I select more than 15 files with QuickMove or FileToFolder?

Yes, but you need to modify a registry setting to instruct the OS to allow it.

This can be changed in the registry by adding this:


where “00000064” in this case is a decimal max of 100 files.

If you would prefer to simply run a “Registration Entry” file to automatically add this into your registry, it can be downloaded here (Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10) but be sure to backup your registry first and open the downloaded file in Notepad, before running it, to ensure it only contains this exact text:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


How Do I Move a TV Series into it’s folder with QuickMove

TV series files can be moved using QuickMove’s support for Regular Expressions.

Details in QuickMove’s Help.

QuickMove is a context menu application design to be run on-demand by the user. If you would like to automate QuickMove’s actions then you should consider the Automation plugin.

How many PCs can I install your software on with my license?

Your license is for your own use only and you may install it on 2 devices for your own use. Example: On your Desktop PC and Laptop or Home PC and Work PC.

Are all upgrades free?

While CodeLine reserves the right to charge for a new update, this seldom occurs. We’d rather see you using the best version of our software at all times.

When a major feature is added to increase functionality, we sometimes deem it a “Plugin” and these are normally licensed separately to keep the costs flexible for users who need fewer features.

My license key doesn't work on the plugin

The plugins are purchased separately and receive their own license key.

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