QuickMove is a rules based file mover that learns where to move your files to based on an initial decision from you. It will also offer a list of favourite target folders for those files that don’t fall into any strict category. How? Just right-click on a file and select QuickMove. If QuickMove has no matching rule from past actions then it will open the Rule Wizard and assist you with the creation of a rule before moving the file. The next time you select this type of file for a “quick move”, it will apply the rule without prompt.

  • Always cutting and pasting the same types of Files to the same Folders?
  • Always navigating deep Folder structures to archive the same types of Files?
  • Wish that you could just “right-click” on a File and see it automatically moved based on Rules learnt?
  • Wish you could just be prompted for a list of your favourite target Folders?
  • QuickMove has the Solution!

QuickMove June 4, 2018

QuickMove November 21, 2014