Minor Releases and Builds might not be specifically mentioned here.


Version 5.5

Release Date: 22 June 2018

  1. Allow the Polling Interval to be set below recommended levels.
  2. Windows Folder Timeout options removed and standardised to best setting.
  3. ‘Execute for every file event’ has been removed from the UI as it can be represented with just the ‘Execute after 1 file event’ setting.
  4. Update to .NET 4.7.2.


Version 5.4

Release Date: 22 October 2016

  1. Improved Parameter Handling for Custom Command Actions. NOTE: Existing Custom Command Actions may need their parameters tested when Inverted Commas were used.


Version 5.3

Release Date: 1 October 2016

  1. Improved Data Storage Resilience in the event of a system crash or power failure.
  2. Improved Service Logging and Messaging.


Version 5.2

Release Date: 9 July 2016

  1. Improved Service Handling.


Version 5.1

Release Date: 12 June 2016

  1. Server and higher license holders now have the option of running ShareWatcher as a Windows Service.
  2. Improved large folder performance for New File Notifications(Polled).
  3. Improved offline license handling for laptop and other remote/offline scenarios.
  4. Minor changes to startup routines to allow for slower reboot environments.
  5. Fixed: Filter on Delete and New Files can only apply to Files and not Folders.
  6. Fixed: Polling disabled flag status not updating after edit.
  7. Changes to Support updated SSL Certificates.
  8. Additional Minor Changes and Improvements.


Version 5

Release Date: 22 February 2016

  • Application
    • Security and Authentication of the Product has been improved for increased User Safety
    • Improved Settings Layout (Now located on the relevant sections instead of centrally)
    • Improved Uninstall Cleanup Process
    • Fixed: Removed Double Space Bug on Notification Balloon
    • Fixed: Editing Folder to Watch disengaged path Hyperlink action
  • Share Monitoring
    • Start/Stop Option
    • Remote Computer Monitoring Plugin Option
    • Improved responsiveness for busy and slow networks
  • New File Notification (Polling)
    • Improved responsiveness for busy and slow networks
    • Improved performance for folders with high file volumes
  • New File Notification (Live)
    • Addition of the Audit Plugin to show who added new files.
    • Remote Computer Monitoring Plugin Option
    • Improved stability for unstable network paths
  • Deleted File Notification (Live)
    • Addition of the Audit Plugin to show who deleted files.
    • Remote Computer Monitoring Plugin Option
    • Improved stability for unstable network paths
Breaking Changes

Unfortunately, upgrading to version 5 means it is not possible to retain email passwords. Please reenter under Settings>Connectivity>Email after install and review any actions that also use email notification for missing or invalid passwords. CodeLine apologises for this inconvenience.



Version 4.1.1

Release Date: 14 October 2015

  1. Deleted Files Plugin Actions not working when New Files Plugin not Licensed
  2. Default Email Settings not Saving


Version 4.1

Release Date: 19 September 2015

  1. Minor changes to UI and Logging
  2. Daily Update Checks configurable for longer check periods
  3. New Folder Browse Dialogs
  4. New Trial Option
  5. All Actions now require a Pro License
  6. FTP Polling now requires a Pro License
  7. “Shutdown” message shown on start up when “minimise on run” setting used has been fixed
  8. Added a Folder Activity Option for Live Plugins to better profile whether a folder is a high or low activity type to optimise settings. Users having difficulties with network folders should see an improvement
  9. Small workflow bug fixed where if the user was on the Settings page and then minimised the application then the file watching events would not restart.
  10. New Email Format for Notification Email Actions
  11. Fixed Certain Help Links
  12. Fixed Missing Pattern Match for Ignore List for MyShares
  13. Fixed Duplicate Check for Ignore List Items in specific cases
  14. Fixed Folder is a Sub-Folder Check on Ignore List
  15. Other Minor Changes and Fixes


Version 4.0

Release Date: 29 December 2014

  1. Dashboard Redesigned
  2. Ignore Lists Redesigned
  3. New File Notification (Polled) Redesigned as well as performance and stability improvements
  4. New File Notification (Live) – Added as a new Plugin for In-App Purchase for Pro Users
  5. Deleted File Notification (Live) – Added as a new Plugin for In-App Purchase for Pro Users
  6. Introduction of a Trial Period for Pro version as well as for Plugins


Breaking Changes

Version 4 is a major release which includes core changes to the data file classes and as such if you are upgrading from versions before Version 4 then MyShares “IgnoreList” and New Files “Folders To Watch” will be recreated and existing data moved to an archive file. Please make a note of your items so that you can recreate them manually after updating. It is also recommended that you backup the ShareWatcher Data Files under “..\ProgramData\ShareWatcher” and “..\ProgramData\ShareWatcher.Common”.




Release Date: 01 June 2014

  1. “My Shares” Timer not restarted in some instances;
  2. Windows 8 (64bit) “Arithmetic Overflow” error on opening resolved.


Version 3.2.1

Release Date: 13 April 2014

  1. Maintenance Release to prepare for version 3.3 in the coming weeks.


Version 3.2.0

Release Date: 10 July 2013

  1. Minor tweaks
  2. Ignore Entire Folder Contents – Pro Version
  3. Ignore List Can be Driven From Live Grid
  4. Online Help


Version 3.1.1

Release Date: 2 December 2012

  1. “Minimise on Run” setting was not activating.


Version 3.1

Release Date: 15 September 2012

  1. Users of the ShareWatcher Pro license will now be able to select the “Execute Action as a Batch” option. This means that, for example, if you have ShareWatcher set to search for new files every hour then regardless of how many files are new, the action/s will trigger once instead of for each file or after ‘n’ files as is the case already.
  2. CPU performance improvements to “Share Access Monitoring” routines.


Version 3.0

Release Date: 22 July 2012

  1. Completely refaced UI focused on Share Access with Plugin design for new File and Folder functionality.
  2. My Shares – Permanent Log created that persists until deleted by User.
  3. New Files Notification – Permanent Log created that persists until deleted by User.
  4. Adding Actions like email, sounds, custom commands and Windows Event logging to the “New Files” plugin to notify on arrival of new files.
  5. Auto-moving of files using QuickMove as an action that can be assigned to the “New Files” plugin.
Breaking Changes

(Applies to Version 2.x updates only. If you are on Version 3.x already then this does not apply to you.)

Version 3.x has made substantial changes to the underlying data layer and won’t convert existing “Folders being watched for new files” or “Files to Ignore” for Version 2.x installations.


Version 2.5

Release Date: 23 August 2011

  1. CodeLine Rebranding.”New FTP files” module moved from beta to final.
  2. More intuitive Menu for “My Shares” vs “Network Shares” for newcomers.


Version 2.0

Release Date: 10 September 2010

  1. Improved stability.
  2. “New File” notification now supports FTP paths as well. (Client Launcher Tested using FileZilla Only).
  3. Max connections limit overcome with new model – no connection maintained to check for new files.
  4. “New File” Notifications on startup even if ShareWatcher was offline during arrival of files.
  5. Refreshed UI.
  6. Help Manual.
  7. 2-Pass Check to help in not flagging new files while still being copied.
  8. Fixed occasional hanging when left open for long periods.


Version 1.3

Release Date: 10 May 2010

  1. Improved logging.
  2. Proxy support for updates.
  3. Notification when a monitored share/path comes online.
  4. Consolidation of Tray Icons into one.
  5. Turn notifications on/off for 60min.
  6. Grid – UI cleanup.


Version 1.2

Release Date: 6 April 2010

  1. Improved logging.


Version 1.1

Release Date: 2 April 2010

  1. Notification of new files added to share location, export logs, software update check.


Version 1.0

Release Date: 1 February 2010

  1. ShareWatcher Released