Monitors a path for new file arrival and provides customisable Actions to alert you to this. Current actions include: Email, Event Log, Sound, Custom Commands and Auto Moving of the file using a call to CodeLine's QuickMove product.
This section deals with the Live model.  The pros and cons for Polled vs Live can be reviewed here.
Add, Edit, Delete and Copy
Use Add, Edit, Delete and Copy to add and manage folders to monitor including adding Actions.
Verify Paths
Regular checks are done to verify path availability but you can force a manual check.
Select files, folders or patterns to filter out for all paths. This is most easily done reactively as you see the entries appear by "right-clicking" on the entry.
Folders to Watch Grid
Path Status
Path Statuses are represented on the right of the grid for each folder
Status Unknown
Disabled - Disabled Paths will be visible but will not be monitored for new files. This can be useful if certain paths go offline for prolonged periods and are found to be slowing the scheduled search process.
Information - The Path cannot be found for the reason given by the hint when positioning the mouse cursor over it.
Busy - File operations for this Folder in progress. 
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