Application Settings
System Tray
Minimise to Tray - Minimising will send the application to the System Tray, rather than the TaskBar, if enabled.
Minimise on Close - Closing/Exiting will send the application to the System Tray, rather than closing it, if enabled.
Minimise on Run - On running the application it will start and immediately register in the System Tray, rather than be visible, if enabled.
Show or Hide file move notification balloon. Note: when application is open (ie, not in the system tray) then balloon notifications are auto-disabled.
The application has a number of useful hints to assist you. These can be closed by you at any time when you are familiar with the content, however, if you ever need to re-enable them then click the [Reset Hints] button.
Context Menu File Selection
Windows, by default, will allow a maximum of 15 files to be selected from within Explorer and “actioned”. This can be increased with a change to a registry setting. Please ensure that you backup your registry before applying the change discussed further under "Increasing the max number of files".
Check for Updates On Startup
If enabled, the application will check on application startup for updates on the CodeLine website.
Check Every X Days for an Update
When enabled and when the application is running in the background, it will check every X number of days for an update.
Advanced Setup
Context Menu
QuickMove is automatically registered with your context menu in Windows Explorer but if it should become deregistered for any reason then simply re-register here. In addition, you can register QuickMove with the CodeLine Group if your context menu is becoming cluttered. All CodeLine applications running from the context menu support this and can be included under one "CodeLine" context menu entry.
QuickMove is designed to run in the background so this is the recommended setting.
For ShareWatcher to access the Internet (to check for updates, for example), it may be necessary to provide the Proxy settings the PC is using. You can enter these manually or use the Try to Find Default Settings button to read these values from the Operating System.
Your data files are stored in the standard Windows location of “C:\ProgramData” for "All Users".
Please ensure that you have these files backed up using your normal backup routines or you will not be able to recover this application's settings.
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