"Running a file" offers complete flexibility for you to write your own batch file of commands or even run an executable. Note that this option runs outside the control of QuickMove and so cannot offer an Undo action as normally available.
Worked Example
Invoices collect in "c:\download\Tax" and need to be moved to the Tax folder as well as a copy immediately sent to a backup location on the "D" drive.
You have already prepared a batch file called "Tax.bat" to achive this multi-step process and it takes 3 parameters which you have set up as shown in the Parameters text box below.
The Tax.bat file content:
echo f | xcopy %1 %2 /Y
move %1 %3
Firstly the file is copied to the Tax Folder and then moved to the "D" drive backup.
Template Batch Files
To help you create your own batch files, there are templates provided in the drop down. Once selected, you should review the contents, rename the batch file and edit the parameters to suit your requirements. Remember to include the files in "c:\ProgramData\QuickMove" to your backup routines to protect your data.
Select a Template...
...edit and save...
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