QuickMove is a rules based file mover that learns where to move your files to based on an initial decision from you. It will also offer a list of favourite target folders for those files that don't fall into any strict category. How? Just right-click on a file and select QuickMove. If QuickMove has no matching rule from past actions then it will open the Rule Wizard and assist you with the creation of a rule before moving the file. The next time you select this type of file for a "quick move", it will apply the rule without prompt.

You have peace of mind, that your files have not ended up in some unknown location because QuickMove monitors all actions providing full audit and undo options.
Lets Get Started
The installer will have already registered "QuickMove" and "QuickMove..." with your Explorer Context Menu so right-click on any file and you will see the Rule Wizard appear asking you to define a rule for the file.
For example, right-click on a file...select QuickMove
...and it will open...
Select the level of matching you would like. An exact match will mean that only this exact file name and extension will fit this rule while matching on name or extension will be more generic. You can also use a matching pattern to define the match conditions using familiar wildcards or more complex Regular Expressions if you prefer. Be sure to test that the pattern actually matches the file you selected or this rule won't work for similar files next time and will need to be edited.

"When Found In" offers another level of matching where you can have the rule apply ONLY if found in the source folder you currently clicked in or "Any Folder" if the location of the file is unimportant and the rule should always apply.

"Always..." move to a target folder of your choice or if the target folder can change then choose "Show me my list of Favourite Target Folders" to be prompted before a move happens with a list of target folder options.
If the file is not simply moved to a target folder but rather to a sub-folder of a target folder or if a more complex batch file process is needed then please review Sub-Folder Rules or Run a File but for most instances this will not be needed.

Review the Overwrite Rule to decide how to handle existing files in the target folder (warn, overwrite, rename).

Finally, give this rule a name to help you locate it later on the Rules page if you decide to edit or delete it.

Click OK and the file will be moved as instructed by your rule.
You should see a Balloon Message confirming the move...
You can undo this immediately by clicking on the Balloon which will take you to the QuickMove Home Screen where Undo and a number of other tasks like Rule maintenance can be done.
Congratulations! You're done! You have moved your first file using QuickMove.
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