QuickMove 3 Released

We are pleased to announce the following updates: Security and Authentication of the Product has been improved for increased User Safety The Automation Plugin will now wait for large or locked files before attempting to process them through the Rule Engine UI Standardisation Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

QuickMove 2.0 Released

  QuickMove Version 2.0 is a major release offering: Trial Options Automatic new file movement using the Automation Plugin General UI improvements and new themes Option to add new Rules from QuickMove Manager screen Improved logical flow of Rule Wizard, New Folder Browser Improved Logging System with Archiving and Exporting Many Regular Expression (RegEx) improvements…

QuickMove, ProgramData Security Settings

Note: Version 2.x users can ignore this post. Some users may experience “hanging” of the QuickMove application after upgrading if they were on versions prior to 1.5.6. This appears to be due to the lowering of security rights for QuickMove to improve security. Files written under the older versions of QuickMove with higher security rights may…

QuickMove 1.5 Released

  A small feature release following on 1.4 which addresses a request by users for friendlier, more familiar “wildcard” pattern matching over powerful but complex Regular Expressions. The choice is yours! Both are now supported.