QuickMove 3.0.6 Released

  We are pleased to announce the following updates: Improved offline license handling for laptop and other remote/offline scenarios Minor changes to startup routines to allow for slower reboot environments Improved Logging Detail  

ShareWatcher 5.0.5 Released

Users are encouraged to update ShareWatcher to 5.0.5 to take advantage of the minor changes since Version 5 release on 22 February 2016. Changes include: Fixed: Polling disabled flag status not updating after edit Changes to Support updated SSL Certificates Minor Changes and Improvements

SSL Certificate Update

For your security, the CodeLine License Manager Website SSL Certificate has been updated. Unfortunately, this has necessitated a minor release for all products since existing releases will report that the communication channel is insecure and your license cannot be safely verified. The normal update process is not changed – your application will find the new…