QuickMove 1.5 Released

  A small feature release following on 1.4 which addresses a request by users for friendlier, more familiar “wildcard” pattern matching over powerful but complex Regular Expressions. The choice is yours! Both are now supported.    

How Do I Move a TV Series into it’s folder with QuickMove

TV series files can be moved using QuickMove’s support for Regular Expressions. Details in QuickMove’s Help. Note:QuickMove is a context menu application design to be run on-demand by the user. If you would like to automate QuickMove’s actions then you should pair QuickMove with ShareWatcher. ShareWatcher is designed to monitor any folder and perform many actions on new…

QuickMove 1.4 Released

QuickMove 1.4 has been released! If you are already a user then simply click on “Check Now” under “Settings->Auto Updates” to have your version updated automatically for you. A few new features were added in this release but the focus was on improving workflow from the context menu.

QuickMove Version 1.4 in Production

QuickMove Version 1.4 has started. The decision on what to include is in progress so if you have any “wish list” items, now would be a good time to email them through! Also, please remember that if you received the 1.3.7 release last year which broke the usual automatic update process, then you will, unfortunately, need…