FileToFolder 4.1 Released

FileToFolder 4.1 Released


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QuickMove, ProgramData Security Settings

Some users may experience “hanging” of the QuickMove application after upgrading if they were on versions prior to 1.5.6.

This appears to be due to the lowering of security rights for QuickMove to improve security. Files written under the older versions of QuickMove with higher security rights may be inaccessible by the new lower rights versions of QuickMove.

To overcome this, please edit your QuickMove folder and files under “ProgramData” to allow full access by “Users” as shown below.



Apply these settings to the following folders:


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ProgramData Folder Backup

If your “ProgramData” folder is not part of your regular backup routine then you will be exposing yourself to data loss if, among other actions, you re-install your operating system, change PCs or have the misfortune of data corruption.


ProgramData is the standard, hidden Windows Folder where “All Users” data is saved by many applications. CodeLine saves its application data here too and strongly suggests backing up these locations.


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